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A Tunnel That Gets Sick


Are you having trouble playing your favorite video game or musical instrument, or typing on your personal computer?

I think you’re having carpal tunnel syndrome.

Under the skin of your wrist, there is a tunnel called carpal tunnel. This tunnel is formed by the bones of the hand and a strong band called the flexor retinaculum. There are tendons and a nerve that pass through the carpal tunnel. These tendons connect the muscles of your hand to the bones of your hand. The nerve that passes through the carpal tunnel is called the median nerve, which helps your hand to move and feel.

When the median nerve is compressed by swollen tendons or ligaments because of broken wrist bones or sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) can occur. Doing the same movements such as typing on a computer, playing a musical instrument, a video game, or table tennis, and doing handstands can also lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. When this happens, your hand becomes numb. You can also feel pins and needles pricking your hand.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is common to people over 30 years old. It is also more common to women than men. It is not that common to kids but they can also have it. Especially nowadays, kids often play video games or use their computers.

Carpal tunnel syndrome can be prevented. When you’re working on your computer, you can do the following:

  • Take a break and rest your wrist or hand.
  • Make your work area comfortable.
  • Make sure that you’re not sitting too low or too high. Your keyboard should be in line with your chair.
  • Use a wrist pad or palm rest.
  • Keep your wrists and forearms straight when typing.

But if you already have carpal tunnel syndrome, you may rest your wrist and take medicine to lessen swelling. You may also wear brace or splint. This will provide comfort and support to your wrist. It will also keep your wrist straight. If you don’t feel any pain anymore, you may do wrist exercises such as moving your wrist up and down or toward right or left, and pressing a squeeze ball. Surgery may be an option if these treatments did not improve your condition.       

To prevent carpal tunnel syndrome, remember this rule: “Don’t overdo things.”


Get to know more about CTS. Surf the Net and read through a lot of journals.

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