There’s no doubt how music affects the person’s well-being. When you can’t sleep, try listening to some music. When you want to heal a broken heart, music has a holistic healing effect. Other than that, listening to music can reduce chronic pain and depression, relieve stress and anxiety, and ease arthritis pain. These are just some effects of music therapy to someone.
Through music, two individuals could start a relationship. This relationship could be strengthened and deepened by just playing music to their ears. Not only that, music could heal a lost soul. Someone could rediscover or reconnect with his or her inner self while listening to music.
Here are some movies that pay tribute to the importance of music:

A friendship that started through music


MUSIC OF THE HEART talks about the story of a school teacher who has changed the lives of many students, including their parents, by teaching them how to play the violin.

Huang tu di (1985)


YELLOW EARTH is a story of a Communist soldier who was sent to the countryside to collect folk songs for the Communist Revolution. He stays with a poor family. Then he learns that the happy songs he is going to collect do not exist. The songs he finds are all about sufferings and hardships.

I walk the line.









WALK THE LINE is based on the inspiring true-to-life story of the legendary country singer Johnny Cash. It tackles from his early days as an ordinary singer to his rise to fame.


What other benefits do we get from music? Try to find out through these sites: Philippine E-Journals and Therapeutic Teaching through Music, compiled by Roda Tejuco.