You’ve made me stronger by breaking my fear when to “let go or not.”


Fear is often a response to emotional or physical danger. You can’t protect yourself from harm or threat if you can’t feel it. Usually you fear some situations that lead you to hang back for no good reason. When you experienced traumas or had bad experiences, fear arises which is hard to suppress. Nonetheless, exposing yourself to your own fear is the best way to quell it.


There are different types of fear. Some people have fear of death; others have fear of animals, heights, or closed or open spaces.


How do you conquer your fear? Your fear of heights?




A hobby or a sport like rock climbing would help you overcome acrophobia (fear of heights). Not only your fear can be overcome, rock climbing teaches you also to be persistent, determined, and humble. Since you climb up or across natural rocks or artificial rock walls, you have to be patient to reach the top or endpoint. You become humble every time you fall from the wall or weren’t able to reach your goal.   













I started climbing in college. It became my hobby during those days. However, I lost track of that hobby because of the tight work schedule. But eventually I’m back on track, along with my C&E friends (Shine, Mia, and Judith).  



Judith (belayer), Shine (climber)


Guess who?




Hail to rock climbing! “You’ve made me stronger by breaking my fear when to ‘let go or not’ from the climbing wall.” Thought of something else? J 




Gurls, pass muna ko sa next climb on Saturday. Got a shoulder strain sa climb natin nung Sunday. Epekto ng kaka-twist and turn. 🙂 Need one week to rest para mawala ang strain. Mahirap na baka mawalan ako ng shoulder pa. 🙂




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