To Kathy, Mia, Irene: Your friendship is a gift, I enjoy opening every day!

Hard times don’t last forever

but true friendships do

You’ve always been there for anything I need

even if it’s just someone to listen to

I know my job won’t take care of me

when I’m sick

but you do

Even in your busiest day

you stay in touch

and you always do

You don’t say something sad

just to keep me glad all year through

So thank you for giving good vibes

and making me alive.

You have qualities

which I really adore

and I thank God that

He let me explore

these qualities of yours

that don’t get me bored

I didn’t expect that

you will be there

since we don’t have

that connection anymore

It is really true

that expect those people

you least expect

to support you.