Somebody lent me a DVD movie last Friday. I watched it tonight, and was surprised by its plot. It’s kinda nerve-wracking. However, I kinda appreciate the movie since it really happens. These medical conditions–schizophrenia and bipolar disorder–do exist. There are several reasons how a person could have any of these conditions, one of which was shown in this film–overprotection from parents. Sheltering children too much could affect their behaviors. According to some clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, sheltered children could develop lack of self-confidence and are afraid to try new things. Their sense of security are also hindered. They also become rebellious. They also worry that they couldn’t adjust to a new lifestyle.

In the movie, it was revealed that children who suffered from overprotection tend to look for this “sense of belongingness.” They become possesive and jealous. Thus, they easily get depressed and frustrated if they experience some obstacles in life. They don’t want to be deprived of anything.

Did you know that depression or frustration can lead to any psychological or psychiatric disorders?

Don’t be the cause of your children’s problems in time. Guide your children properly and let them go in their on way. TRUST is one thing that you should give to them.