I’ve been there. We’ve all been there. Every person has its own way when dealing with difficult people. Here are some of the hard-to-take personalities of people:

  • Steamroller (Tank) – aggressive and angry
  • Sniper – sarcastic and rude
  • Know-It-All – wielding great authority and knowledge
  • Grenade – tend to explode into uncontrolled ranting
  • Think They Know It All – fools people into believing their phony “facts”
  • Yes Person – wants to please others so much, never says no
  • Maybe Person – hoping to steer clear of choices that will hurt feelings and causing plenty of frustration along the way
  • Blank Wall (Nothing Person) – offers only a blank stare, no verbal or nonverbal signals
  • No Person – spreads gloom, doom, and despair whenever any new ideas arise
  • Whiner – feels helpless most of the time and become overwhelmed by the unfairness of it all, wants things to be perfect, and wants to share their misery

Who do you think you are?