We do often lie. Everyone lies. Sometimes it may be “white lies”; however, everyone omits the truth sometimes. White lies are not a big deal at all. But people who compelled to lie, also called pathological liars, have big problems. They often lie to protect themselves, avoid punishment, look good to others, and gain financially or socially. Other people who lie a lot for personal gain have antisocial personality disorder, also known as sociopath.

With the passage of time, lying often gets worse. When you stop lying, it impels you to continue your deceptions. And when it comes to telling the truth, we hold different people to different standards. For instance, you may hate someone for using you. But when this person started to converse to you again and make you feel good with all the effort he/she is giving you, you started to feel free to return the favor despite what the person did to you. You may wonder why these kind of people do exist both. It’s because they share some common stuff or interest, or hobby perhaps. However, the person who was deceived becomes a loser after all. It’s not a matter of practicing the “forgive and forget” or “forgive and not forget” things. It’s a matter of a lesson learned that why you still have to deal with the person who got you into trouble or deception. In fact, you can just be civilized with the person, and just don’t start the conversation or make the move. Nevertheless, it’s still being humanitarian.

We have a vision of purity to those who don’t lie. Why do we dislike liars or sociopaths? It’s a matter of TRUST. When you lie, you have broken a certain bond—a bond between friends, coworkers, family members, among others. This bond is usually an unspoken agreement to treat others who would like to be treated like us.

Everyone should still this in mind—deception often makes it impossible for you to trust a person again. Since this is an issue of trust, coming to clean the lie is the best way to clean fences; as this may affect your relationship with each other. Conversely, not all people, after cleaning out the mess, would still trust someone who have deceived them. It’s hard to take someone’s trust back. Thus, don’t change yourself just to please others because you tend to lie. They should be impressed that you don’t change just to please them. Show them the real you, and stop lying.