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Why People Lie

We do often lie. Everyone lies. Sometimes it may be “white lies”; however, everyone omits the truth sometimes. White lies are not a big deal at all. But people who compelled to lie, also called pathological liars, have big problems. They often lie to protect themselves, avoid punishment, look good to others, and gain financially or socially. Other people who lie a lot for personal gain have antisocial personality disorder, also known as sociopath.

With the passage of time, lying often gets worse. When you stop lying, it impels you to continue your deceptions. And when it comes to telling the truth, we hold different people to different standards. For instance, you may hate someone for using you. But when this person started to converse to you again and make you feel good with all the effort he/she is giving you, you started to feel free to return the favor despite what the person did to you. You may wonder why these kind of people do exist both. It’s because they share some common stuff or interest, or hobby perhaps. However, the person who was deceived becomes a loser after all. It’s not a matter of practicing the “forgive and forget” or “forgive and not forget” things. It’s a matter of a lesson learned that why you still have to deal with the person who got you into trouble or deception. In fact, you can just be civilized with the person, and just don’t start the conversation or make the move. Nevertheless, it’s still being humanitarian.

We have a vision of purity to those who don’t lie. Why do we dislike liars or sociopaths? It’s a matter of TRUST. When you lie, you have broken a certain bond—a bond between friends, coworkers, family members, among others. This bond is usually an unspoken agreement to treat others who would like to be treated like us.

Everyone should still this in mind—deception often makes it impossible for you to trust a person again. Since this is an issue of trust, coming to clean the lie is the best way to clean fences; as this may affect your relationship with each other. Conversely, not all people, after cleaning out the mess, would still trust someone who have deceived them. It’s hard to take someone’s trust back. Thus, don’t change yourself just to please others because you tend to lie. They should be impressed that you don’t change just to please them. Show them the real you, and stop lying.



A Perfect Sip

tarragon tea

If people are just like a cup of tea, I would go for a perfect sip indefinitely.

For the people who brought light into my life: Mom, Dad, Joy, Charles, Ken, Kathy, Shine, Irene, and Mia.


I walked down the road
And saw this shop,
A shop that would blend
Coffee and tea.

I walked through the door
And seated by the window.
One of the crew approached me
And asked what would I have.

I asked for a cup of tea
—a tarragon tea.
Few minutes later,
The crew put my tea on the table.

He asked if I cared for
Something to nibble.
I just smiled
And shook my head.

I sipped from the cup
And savored the flavor.
Its aroma soothes my skin.
It provides serenity.

I wonder what this herb has.
It’s comparable to the people
Hanging around with me.
They provide tranquility to my life.

They are as good as this cup of tea;
They can heave you up from illness.
They can make you feel better;
They are my family and closest friends.

If they are the tea in my cup,
I would love to double mine.
Then it’s perfect to sip the tea
While I walk alongside the sea.


Yellow tulips for my dearest friend! Happy birthday! I wish you all the best things in life!

Happy birthday to a very good and close friend of mine, Ms. Shine Lim!

Cheers to our friendship! ❤ ❤ ❤

Something to Warm Your Heart

Cakes warm your heart.

You bring delight to everyone

Even though you can make someone fat

You’re still irresistible

You have different styles and designs

That make someone laugh and cry

You can touch someone’s heart

That makes you unforgettable

Especially when someone puts you on the table

And starts to sing you a song called “Happy birthday

And lastly,  when someone posts a cake on her blog

To greet you in her own special way.


Thanks for the cakes and the song—Mia, Irene, and Lena! 🙂

Aerial Imagery

Hundred Islands | Photo by Mia Santos

An orthophoto map is produced from aerial photos which are taken from a specially designed camera carried on a plane. One main difference between an aerial photo and an orthophoto map is that an aerial photo shows perspective. To give the viewer of the photo a sense of perspective (i.e., scale and height), the photographer can tilt the camera up and down. While an orthophoto map fixes any camera tilt and removes any sense of perspective. For instance, a photographer can make skyscrapers look tall in an aerial photo; while in an orthophoto map skyscrapers look all the same in size.

Using a photo manipulation program, a cartographer creates an orthophoto map by removing the effects of camera or plane tilt and terrain relief (vertical and horizontal dimension of land surface) from the map. These items distort the scale of the map. Thus removing these effects, the cartographer creates an orthophoto map that has a uniform scale which looks like an aerial photo. The user can measure directly from the orthophoto map without even correcting the distortion unlike in other maps.

Moreover, a cartographer can overlay additional information on an orthophoto map unlike in an aerial photo. He/She can use the orthophoto as a background image or source in GIS. He/She can also use it to review, revise, or collect more information on another map. An orthophoto is often used as either a map or in combination with GIS. Conversely, an aerial photo is usually used when a photographer wants to show a different perspective of the Earth.

Building owners use aerial photography to give their clients an unusual view of the property. While some photographers use kite aerial photography to show people a different viewpoint than what they normally see.

Wooden Canvas

Photo printing on wood | Photo by Mia Santos

Printing photo on a wood is definitely a perfect gift for any occasion.
Thank you for making one for me, my dear friend. You’ve made my special day! 🙂

Memoir of a Journey

Photo by Mia Santos

Photo by Mia Santos

The memoir of a photograph indulges oneself to walk the extra mile. It gives a perfect look of contentment on someone’s face. One can find peace and self-contentment by capturing every moment of life.

Taking pictures fulfills one’s dream—a dream to share happiness with others—because some actions are better left undone and some words are better left unsaid by just simply looking at each picture that someone takes.

I Love Cats . . . I Hate Cats

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Carnivora

Family: Felidae

Genus: Felis

Species: F. catus


A cat (Felis catus) is a small, furry, domesticated, carnivorous mammal. Humans considered cats as domesticated pets. They help humans hunt household pests. They are good companions, too, at home. Because of their close association with humans, cats can be found anywhere.

Cats have strong, flexible bodies and quick reflexes; they won’t get hurt or die when they fall. They have sharp claws and teeth that help them catch or kill preys. They can see in the dark and use their ears to locate their preys. They can hear higher frequency sounds than humans can perceive. Thus, they say that “cats are nosy.” They like heresays; it’s a joke for everybody.

They use different vocalizations and other types of body language for communication like meowing (one thing that makes me smile, kidding aside), purring, trilling, hissing, grunting, and growling.

They have a rapid breeding rate since they are lovable pets for humans. Did you know that there’s a hobby known as cat fancy? You can register your bred cats as pedigree pets. However as much as cats are lovable for humans, they can’t be taken care of people who have allergies. You may suffer from dyspnea (difficulty in breathing) or coughing brought about by cat’s fur, just like in asthma. Cat’s fur may also trigger allergic rhinitis. Thus, you can’t cradle, hold, or touch them. If you have allergic rhinitis, you may suffer from unstoppable sneezing. Otherwise, you medicate or use your nasal spray to stop sneezing.

So as much I want to go near to cats, I can’t . . . timelessly . . .