Frankie and Alice is a 2010 Canadian film about the inspiring true story of Frankie Murdoch. Starring critically acclaimed actress Halle Berry, she portrays a young woman with multiple personality disorder

Frankie’s not here. She’s awake and frightened.

who remains her true self while battling against her illness. Frankie didn’t give in to her racist alter-ego.

She shows three different personalities–being herself as a black woman who works as a stripper in a night club (named Frankie), her alter-ego as an elegant caucasian (named Alice), and as an 8-year-old child whose IQ is genius.
She decided to seek help from a psychiatrist named Dr. Oz. The bond that exists between Frankie and her doctor make her more resilient in her struggles. Dr. Oz treated Frankie until his later years.
Years later, Frankie gave up her job and decided to get a degree in teaching. With the help from her alter-personality (the genius kid), she became a high school teacher. Then eventually she married a psychiatrist.