tarragon tea

If people are just like a cup of tea, I would go for a perfect sip indefinitely.

For the people who brought light into my life: Mom, Dad, Joy, Charles, Ken, Kathy, Shine, Irene, and Mia.


I walked down the road
And saw this shop,
A shop that would blend
Coffee and tea.

I walked through the door
And seated by the window.
One of the crew approached me
And asked what would I have.

I asked for a cup of tea
—a tarragon tea.
Few minutes later,
The crew put my tea on the table.

He asked if I cared for
Something to nibble.
I just smiled
And shook my head.

I sipped from the cup
And savored the flavor.
Its aroma soothes my skin.
It provides serenity.

I wonder what this herb has.
It’s comparable to the people
Hanging around with me.
They provide tranquility to my life.

They are as good as this cup of tea;
They can heave you up from illness.
They can make you feel better;
They are my family and closest friends.

If they are the tea in my cup,
I would love to double mine.
Then it’s perfect to sip the tea
While I walk alongside the sea.


Yellow tulips for my dearest friend! Happy birthday! I wish you all the best things in life!

Happy birthday to a very good and close friend of mine, Ms. Shine Lim!

Cheers to our friendship! ❤ ❤ ❤