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If I Never Knew You

There is nothing worth the wear of winning, but laughter and the love of friends.

God gave his reasons why I chose to leave a place that is full of surprises and peace, where all is quite well, and where most of my friends dwell . . . . . . for me to meet people like you.
To my best friends Kathy, Mia, and Irene, I got a li’l something . . . . .
I want to see through your eyes
To see why you cry
I want to beat through your heart
To know what makes you hurt
I want to live in your thoughts
To know what you think
I want to know your agony
To help you through and through
I want to hear your unspoken words
To know what you feel inside
I want to heal your wounds
And set you free from the world
That is full of doubtful thoughts
Let me  see your darkness
Tell me why your world
Is so cold
I will lend you my hands
And walk with you through
Sunny days and rainy days
And give my shoulders to cry on
When you needed so
Because if I never knew you
I would never have such friendship
That is so strong and true
I would never find a true friend like you
If I never been close to you
Something that I would never find easily
For me to have a best friend like you

Crossing Pathways

Have you ever come across people you never thought you would meet?

Having worked in a firm for almost 2 years, it has helped pave my way to meet people like the two of you. Each letter in your name exudes an aura of enigma. Both of you are so vulnerable to see, yet very invincible in times of adversity.

M – Has psychic and intuitive powers, patient

I – Warm-hearted, into science and drama, a strong humanitarian, idealistic

A − Able to teach and lead others; confident to achieve objectives

I – Warm-hearted, into science and drama, a strong humanitarian, idealistic

R – Warm-hearted, compassionate, noble, imaginative, noble, empathetic

E – Imaginative, carefree, communicative, good with words

N – Imaginative, strong writing ability

E − Imaginative, carefree, communicative, good with words

I hardly say this, but now it’s time to say, “Cheers to our FRIENDSHIP!”

During Hard Times

To Kathy, Mia, Irene: Your friendship is a gift, I enjoy opening every day!

Hard times don’t last forever

but true friendships do

You’ve always been there for anything I need

even if it’s just someone to listen to

I know my job won’t take care of me

when I’m sick

but you do

Even in your busiest day

you stay in touch

and you always do

You don’t say something sad

just to keep me glad all year through

So thank you for giving good vibes

and making me alive.

You have qualities

which I really adore

and I thank God that

He let me explore

these qualities of yours

that don’t get me bored

I didn’t expect that

you will be there

since we don’t have

that connection anymore

It is really true

that expect those people

you least expect

to support you.

Let’s Share a Cup . . .

You may want to share a simple cup of coffee?

It becomes happiness when you share it with a friend.

And I want to share this cup with Mari Yu, Roda Tejuco, Laya Bennagen, Shine Lim, Kathy Guillermo-Labuguen, Shine Galora, Irene Abu-abu, Mel Rodriguez, Mia Santos, Lovelle Almazar, Jom Labuguen, Joel Ganacias, Sonny Sabulao, Juan Luis Varo, and the others.