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From a Stripper to a Teacher

Frankie and Alice is a 2010 Canadian film about the inspiring true story of Frankie Murdoch. Starring critically acclaimed actress Halle Berry, she portrays a young woman with multiple personality disorder

Frankie’s not here. She’s awake and frightened.

who remains her true self while battling against her illness. Frankie didn’t give in to her racist alter-ego.

She shows three different personalities–being herself as a black woman who works as a stripper in a night club (named Frankie), her alter-ego as an elegant caucasian (named Alice), and as an 8-year-old child whose IQ is genius.
She decided to seek help from a psychiatrist named Dr. Oz. The bond that exists between Frankie and her doctor make her more resilient in her struggles. Dr. Oz treated Frankie until his later years.
Years later, Frankie gave up her job and decided to get a degree in teaching. With the help from her alter-personality (the genius kid), she became a high school teacher. Then eventually she married a psychiatrist.

You’ve Made Me Stronger by Breaking My . . . . .

You’ve made me stronger by breaking my fear when to “let go or not.”


Fear is often a response to emotional or physical danger. You can’t protect yourself from harm or threat if you can’t feel it. Usually you fear some situations that lead you to hang back for no good reason. When you experienced traumas or had bad experiences, fear arises which is hard to suppress. Nonetheless, exposing yourself to your own fear is the best way to quell it.


There are different types of fear. Some people have fear of death; others have fear of animals, heights, or closed or open spaces.


How do you conquer your fear? Your fear of heights?




A hobby or a sport like rock climbing would help you overcome acrophobia (fear of heights). Not only your fear can be overcome, rock climbing teaches you also to be persistent, determined, and humble. Since you climb up or across natural rocks or artificial rock walls, you have to be patient to reach the top or endpoint. You become humble every time you fall from the wall or weren’t able to reach your goal.   













I started climbing in college. It became my hobby during those days. However, I lost track of that hobby because of the tight work schedule. But eventually I’m back on track, along with my C&E friends (Shine, Mia, and Judith).  



Judith (belayer), Shine (climber)


Guess who?




Hail to rock climbing! “You’ve made me stronger by breaking my fear when to ‘let go or not’ from the climbing wall.” Thought of something else? J 




Gurls, pass muna ko sa next climb on Saturday. Got a shoulder strain sa climb natin nung Sunday. Epekto ng kaka-twist and turn. 🙂 Need one week to rest para mawala ang strain. Mahirap na baka mawalan ako ng shoulder pa. 🙂




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When Was the Last Time I Listen to You?

There’s no doubt how music affects the person’s well-being. When you can’t sleep, try listening to some music. When you want to heal a broken heart, music has a holistic healing effect. Other than that, listening to music can reduce chronic pain and depression, relieve stress and anxiety, and ease arthritis pain. These are just some effects of music therapy to someone.
Through music, two individuals could start a relationship. This relationship could be strengthened and deepened by just playing music to their ears. Not only that, music could heal a lost soul. Someone could rediscover or reconnect with his or her inner self while listening to music.
Here are some movies that pay tribute to the importance of music:

A friendship that started through music


MUSIC OF THE HEART talks about the story of a school teacher who has changed the lives of many students, including their parents, by teaching them how to play the violin.

Huang tu di (1985)


YELLOW EARTH is a story of a Communist soldier who was sent to the countryside to collect folk songs for the Communist Revolution. He stays with a poor family. Then he learns that the happy songs he is going to collect do not exist. The songs he finds are all about sufferings and hardships.

I walk the line.









WALK THE LINE is based on the inspiring true-to-life story of the legendary country singer Johnny Cash. It tackles from his early days as an ordinary singer to his rise to fame.


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A Faithful Dog on a Faithful Friend

Never forget 'loyalty' . . . Never forget to be loyal to those people you loved

Based on a heartwarming true story of strong bond and friendship between a dog and a college professor, this American adaptation of a Japanese tale talks about faith, devotion, and undying love. Hachiko: A Dog’s Story is a tearjerker film and directed by one of the greatest Swedish directors, Lasse Hallstrom, who gave us great movies like Dear John, Casanova, The Shipping News, Chocolat, The Cider House Rules, and Something to Talk About.
Every morning, Hachiko always accompanies his master to the train station and fetches his master in the afternoon after work. Sadly, Hachiko’s master passed away. However, this dog faithfully comes back to the same spot at the station to wait for his master every day.  This becomes Hachiko’s daily routine for the next nine years. During his daily visits, Hachiko touches the lives of many people who ride the train and work nearby the station. He was able to teach these people the true essence of love, compassion, and unyielding loyalty. His visits to the station was stopped only when he died.

I'll always wait for you till you come back.

Hachiko was born in 10 November 1923 and died 08 March 1935. He was remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his master, even many years after his master’s death. Because of this, a bronze statue in Shibuya Station in Japan was built in his honor. This was Hachi’s waiting spot.
Not every person can be faithful and loyal, but every dog can.
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